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Welcome to my site! have a look at the pages, listen to a demo or two or even contact me if you need a VO. Just hit the "contact me" button and Bob's yer uncle!

About Mark

Mark Ewart........voiceover, live events

In the summer of 2003, Mark was working as a freelance TV cameraman on a large corporate awards night. Due to a rather lively vindaloo being consumed by the talent booked to perform the “voice of god” announcements, the poor fellow was confined to the glamorous surroundings of the gent’s lavatory!.

With the cue for the first announcement to welcome all and sundry to the event approaching ever nearer, Mark offered up his vocal skills and stepped up to the microphone and opened the show.

Little did he realise at the time that he was embarking on an entirely new career.

Since then his warm, smooth and distinctively English voice has enhanced the image of many of today’s leading brands such as HSBC, Kimberly Clark, Tony & Guy, Quality Hotels and Gtech.

Mark’s work spans the wide spectrum of media, from corporate communications and live events, radio and TV commercials to new media such as the World Wide Web.

Whether the style calls for “authoritative and instructional”, “sympathetic and sincere”, “big, bold and proud” or “smooth and suggestive with a caddish element of British charm’’, Mark approaches each job with a focused commitment and enthusiasm.


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